Local Fruit and Vegetable Stands

Farm-Fresh Bounty

Discover the freshest produce in town at our local fruit and vegetable stands. Supporting local farmers and enjoying seasonal delights has never been easier. Explore the abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables, taste the flavors of our community, and savor the essence of farm-fresh goodness. Visit our stands to experience the true essence of local produce and contribute to a healthier, thriving community.

Clymo’s Produce

Explore a variety of homegrown vegetables at our stand, including cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes, squash, and more—all primarily organically grown.


Owner: James Clymo and Family


“Getting out to my garden is my favorite time of day”

Rob’S Sweet Corn

Indulge in the goodness of homegrown sweet corn, flavorful Pennsylvania peaches, local tomatoes, pure Canaseraga honey, and more at our stand. Savor the natural delights sourced directly from the region, bringing you a taste of freshness with every bite.



Owner: Rob Schramm and Family

Glen Haven Farm

Delight in the harvest of homegrown sweet corn, seasonal vegetables, and our very own homemade maple syrup. Experience the wholesome flavors of locally sourced goodness straight from our fields to your table.


Owner: Mike and Chris DeBarardinis