The First Presbyterian Church of Ossian

History and Vision of The Church

Established in 1814, likely as a log structure initially serving as both a schoolhouse and a public meeting place, the building was strategically designed with the intent of becoming a future church. By 1818, the decision was made to officially designate the structure as a church while maintaining its roles as a school and a community meeting space. The inaugural service, led by Reverend Robert Hubbard from Angelica, took place on September 29, 1818, with twenty people in attendance.


On April 15, 1834, Alleghany County Court Judge Andrew G. Hull formally recognized The First Presbyterian Church of Ossian as a religious society, signifying the end of its use as a schoolhouse. This recognition solidified the church’s identity and paved the way for its continued growth. Today, our church stands as a vibrant community of believers committed to following Christ and fostering spiritual growth in His love.


Our vision encompasses a three-fold commitment to the Christian community: inviting all individuals to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, nurturing believers into disciples through His Word and worship, and demonstrating the kingdom of God through witness and service to others. Join us for our Sunday services at 9:00 AM, where everyone is welcome to be part of our warm and inclusive fellowship.