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This Program Supported by Livingston County Department of Social Services / Youth Bureau.

Livingston County Youth Court

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Hillside’s Youth Court program seeks to hold youth accountable for their actions by providing an avenue for restitution and teaching them about the effects their actions have on themselves, victims, and the community. It capitalizes on peer influence demonstrating that peers do not condone delinquency. Youth Court also aims to empower and involve youth by allowing them to assume leadership and actively address juvenile crime in their community.

About this Program

The Youth Court program is comprised of student volunteers who hold dispositional hearings for first-time non-violent offenders. The offenders range in age from 7-16 and are Pre-PINS/Pre -JD. These student volunteers represent all the major courtroom roles and determine an appropriate sentence for the offender. These sentences can be a combination of, but are not limited to: community service, jury duty, curfew, written and verbal apologies, essays, restitution, educational classes, and counseling.


Once sentences have been determined, it is the responsibility of the youth court coordinator to ensure that the offenders successfully complete their sentences. Offenders who successfully complete the program are discharged with no record. Unsuccessful completion results in the offender being referred to Family Court.


Youth ages 7 to 16 years | Available to eligible residents of Livingston County.